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Stories from the January 12, 2017 Issue

Former Zion-Benton News Publisher, Frank Misureli, dies


By Mona Shannon
Zion-Benton News staff 

Former Zion-Benton News Publisher and ad director for the Kenosha News Frank Misureli died Sunday, Jan. 8, 2017 at the age of 86.

The newspaper business was his life. He spent nearly 65 years at the Kenosha News, and during that time he also served as publisher of the Zion-Benton News for more than 30 years.

He said the newspaper business was in his blood. He admitted that as a child he used to play newspaper.

His story truly was a climb up the ladder from the very bottom. It all began in March 1951 when Misureli was on his way home from the Kenosha College of Commerce one night. He stopped at the Kenosha News and asked for a job and was hired that day as a proof boy for 75 cents an hour.

He delivered advertising proofs to area businesses and was responsible for filing all the artwork for the ads. He would one day become the first advertising director in the history of the Kenosha News.

A few months after starting as a proof boy, he enlisted in the Army. After his discharge he went back to work at the Kenosha News. He dreamed of going to college at Notre Dame but it was too expensive, so he took night courses at Marquette University, hitching a ride with the publisher’s stepson. problem.


Racism not tolerated in Zion

By Ginny Skweres
Zion-Benton News staff 

The racially mixed City of Zion might not have all the answers to race relations, but when a young bi-racial woman and her children were called the ‘n’ word by a business owner, many residents reacted to the racial slur.

It happened at the Zion Dairy Queen Wednesday, Jan. 4 when an order had been created incorrectly. Deianeira Ford, 21, of Tinley Park, asked for it to be corrected and store owner Jim Crichton told she could not have the items she hadn’t received. When she asked for a refund he gave her the $5 back and called her and her children the racial slur.

Ford was extremely upset and called police from the parking lot. They found her visibly upset and crying while she told them what had happened. Ford said it was embarrassing and the worst thing was that it happened in front of her young children. She said her 3-year-old asked what the slur meant.

After talking with Ford, the officer talked to Crichton and told him the customer was so upset she was willing to sign a complaint against him.


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